A change in the IoT Paradigm

Neotech is a young technology outfit with innovative solutions that bring convenience and comfort in the day to day human existence while inherently supporting sustainability. The company designs and manufactures Artificial Intelligence and IoT based Smart Systems for home, office and campus automation.

The uniqueness of these solutions is the high reliability, low costs, small form factor and simplicity despite being based on state-of-the-art technology giving top-of-the-line features. Deployment is easy with overlaying on existing conventional electrical infrastructure and can be managed even by regular electrical contractors. This eliminates the need for extensive additional wiring and specialized manpower directly reducing material and space requirements as well as costs, improving maintainability and increasing the speed of deployment especially in large projects. Being Energy, Material, and Space-efficient it supports sustainability in a big way.

Recently Neotech has been selected among Top 20 most promising IoT companies by the CIO Review Magazine. The team continues to strive towards excellence and is committed to continuing delivering world-class solutions.

Life @ Neotech!

Neotech has been working in automation domain for over 10 years where technology has seen many transitions and generation changes. Our products in the space have enabled options and use of technological features at a reasonable cost of the times with many satisfied customers over this period.

Our positioning has always been to make technology easily accessible, practically deployable and usable as well as sturdy at the same time. By smartly adapting, leveraging and customizing technology we have made sure the relevant advantages are offered to the customers at acceptable costs to improve their daily lives.

This is reflected in all the generations of our products where we have harnessed the features to the optimum and the products are highly reliable and reasonably priced even when based on cutting-edge technology.