Air Smart

Neotech India has introduced Air Smart mobile app, a simple and easy way to measure the air quality around you on the go. Public health has always been considered the top priority, our team at Neotech India has put their time and effort to put together an app which can keep the people in India updated on the air quality around them and where they are heading to.

Neotech India’s Air Smart mobile app comprises of components that show the PM 2.5 level, Air Temperature and Air Humidity, the data for the same, always fetched by the nearest air station available in your area. You might be thinking that’s all, but no, the experienced team at Neotech India also provides a Health advice segment in our Air Smart mobile app, in this segment Air Smart advises the user to prepare according to the air quality of that area/location.

Lets you know the PM levels around you!

Air Temperature
Lets you know the temperature around you!

Air Humidity
Lets you know the air humidity around you!

Health Advisory
Advice suitable health tips according
to the PM 2.5 Levels.