Aqua Smart

Intelligent, Automated Water Management

Neotech brings you a revolution in smart water management solution for homes. AQUASMART is an intelligent system that provides you the optimal solutions for issues like water overflow, Tank empty and other water-related problems that you face on your property on a daily basis.

AQUASMART is an innovative product that is of great help in managing water usage and controlling wastage of water while filling water tanks. This system also controls wastage of power as automatically controls the filling of the water tanks by controlling On/Off of the attached water pumps.

Features of AquaSmart®

Complete Automation
Automatically senses water availability in the main line and starts the pump.

Easy to use Mobile App
Mobile app helps you to program and track all the operation & water status.

Save Time
Automatic operation & programmability helps save time.

Easily Upgradable Model
You can upgrade to higher models and have the best in technology.

Track Water Supply
Senses water level in the tanks and fills to the programmed levels.

Save Water
Automates all the pump/tank operations and ensures there is no water overflow from the tank.

Save Water Pump
Prevents Dry-Run, thereby increasing the life of water pump.

Software Update
Smart Phone App alerts lets you upgrade software to the latest release.

Scheduled Suction Mode
Starts water pump as and when water is expected in the main line.

Save Money
Minimized water bill and optimized usage of electricity.

Save Roof & Walls
With No Water overflow, prevent your house from Seepage & Dampness.

Future  Proof Technology
State of the art technology brings advanced features to you at today’s cost.

Easily Programmable
All actions can be easily programmed to take away all worries.

Save Electricity
Intelligent operation minimizes the motor run time to save electricity.

Long Life
Aquasmart has a sturdy design, built to last & give you trouble-free operation.

Strong Support
All our products are backed with a long term warranty Program.