Home Smart

Rediscover your home!

HOME SMART is an Artificial Intelligence and IoT based Smart System for home, office and campus automation. Uniqueness of this solution is the high reliability, low costs, small form factor and simplicity despite being based on state-of-the-art technology giving top-of-the-line features. Deployment is easy with overlaying on existing conventional electrical infrastructure and can be managed even by regular electrical contractors. This eliminates the need for extensive additional wiring and specialized manpower directly reducing material requirements and costs, improving maintainability and increasing speed of deployment especially in large projects. Being Energy, Material, and Space-efficient it inherently supports sustainability by design itself.

Special Features of Home Smart

Easy Installation
Installation can be done with ease

Energy Efficient
Optimises the daily energy consumption

Easy to add capacity & features at your pace

Can be installed with the existing gadgets in your home

Programmable Profiles
Pre programmable profiles for easy operatibility

Can be installed with the existing gadgets in your home

Voice Control
Operability through human voice commands

Seamless Integration
Compatible with other devices as well

Home Smart | A Way of Life!