About Us


Neotech Systems Pvt Ltd

Neotech Systems is a young technology startup based in the millennium city of Gurgaon in India. It started its operations in 2007 as a technology house partnering some of the large real estate developers for designing and deploying home automation systems in their most prestigious projects.


Computerized Work

Thus the approach to automating daily lives in not only practical and innovative from the immediate and future needs of 

the super rich but also bring these within reach of the common man with an affordable and sturdy technology that solves 

critical life problems.With years of experience and many happy customers, Neotech Systems are indeed the Automation Experts of the industry with a difference.



Automation Work

Automation space. It has  many innovative and pioneering          products to its name today.Neotech has been working in a fairly wide domain and has till date delivered successful products and solutions with the theme of bringing convenience, comfort and health to the day to day human existence. Some of the products also tackle sustainability through managing and monitoring critical resources like water and energy.